The Tally Ho: a podcast all about The Prisoner

The Tally Ho is a podcast from Time for Cakes and Ale all about the classic TV series The Prisoner. We are currently doing a full episode-by-episode series of podcasts about the show. To keep up to date follow us on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the Time for Cakes and Ale podcast in… Continue reading The Tally Ho: a podcast all about The Prisoner

The Tally Ho – Episode 1: Arrival

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a new podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In this episode we look at ARRIVAL, the first episode of The Prisoner and one of the greatest TV openings of all time. Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) resigns his government job and wakes up in a mysterious and dangerous place known only as The Village. Beneath its quaint and colourful exterior lies a sophisticated mechanism of psychological torture and control. Who can you trust? How can you escape? Who is in charge? Arrival is the first chapter of this groundbreaking show that remains as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

We also preview our bonus two-part episode coming next week spanning our interests in both The Prisoner and Twin Peaks (listen to find out!), and get a news round up from Rick Davy of The Unmutual on what’s happening in the world of The Prisoner!

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