Cakes & Ale Episode 31: Book Club – Origamy by Rachel Armstrong

Welcome to the the Cakes & Ale Book Club! Every month we will be bringing you a mix of discussions and interviews about recent genre fiction we’ve been reading. This month, we cover Origamy by Rachel Armstrong, published by NewCon Press.

Origamy is the story of Mobius, an extra-dimensional being who is part of a ‘circus troupe’ of weavers able to explore and manipulate the fabric of space-time.

This original and surreal science fiction tale follows Mobius’ attempt to learn the mysterious art of origamy and face down the dark menace which has appeared to threaten the very threads of the universe.

Origamy fuses mythic modes of storytelling with cutting-edge scientific concepts. Beautifully written and brimming with ideas, this book is unlike any other we have read in a long time.

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We give you our thoughts on the novel and bring you an interview with Rachel, who tells us about her academic research as Professor of Experimental Architecture at Newcastle University and how her multi-disciplinary approach imbues both her science and her science fiction. You can find out more about her research work on her faculty website and follow her on Twitter. You can also watch some of her fascinating Ted Talks below:

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