News from Time for Cakes and Ale!

Hello Listeners! We’ve recently migrated our podcast to a new hosting service. If you already subscribe to our mothership podcast, Time for Cakes and Ale, your feeds should automatically update. If you subscribe through an app, it might be worth refreshing our feed too. We look forward to bringing you even more of our podcast… Continue reading News from Time for Cakes and Ale!

Episode 24 – Cakes & Ale Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to us! Time for Cakes and Ale has been rambling on about stuff we love for a whole year now, so we put together this special anniversary episode all about the past 12 months.

We talk a little about what it was like to start a podcast from nothing, what we learned along the way, and what our plans are for the future of Time for Cakes and Ale, Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee and The Tally Ho.

We also hand out some honorary end-of-year prizes to our favourite things from 2017. Let us know what your picks would be by getting in touch on Twitter and Facebook!

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