The Tally Ho talks The Prisoner and Twin Peaks

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In 2017 as Twin Peaks season 3 reached its conclusion and fans were looking for something else to experience, we wrote an article giving 10 Reasons why Twin Peaks fans should watch The Prisoner.

Fast forwarding two and a half years – and after more than 50 hours of Prisoner ramblings as part of our Tally Ho podcast – we felt it was time to discuss the links between these two seminal TV series in-depth. In this episode we talk about the influence that The Prisoner had on Twin Peaks and its co-creator Mark Frost, and examine the many thematic, structural and aesthetic connections that exist between our two favourite shows.


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Many thanks to Quoit Media who allowed us to share a brief clip of Patrick McGoohan himself talking about Twin Peaks and David Lynch! The whole fascinating interview (conducted by Howard Foy and printed in a 1990 issue of The Box) is available to buy from their website and is a fantastic listen. Check it out!

Links to other resources
Our Chris Rodley interview episodes part 1 and part 2.

We also reference several articles about the influence of The Prisoner on the likes of Alan Moore, Better Call Saul‘s Peter Gould, JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Joss Whedon, and a 2017 episode of the Talkhouse podcast in which Sam Esmail talks to Mark Frost about the impact of the show on Frost’s career.

Interviews with Patrick McGoohan

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