The Tally Ho talks to Chris Rodley

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In this episode, we talk to documentary filmmaker and writer Chris Rodley about his wonderful new film In My Mind about Patrick McGoohan and The Prisoner. The film chronicles Chris’ interviews in 1983 with McGoohan for the now unavailable Channel 4 documentary Six Into One: The Prisoner File, made in anticipation of the high profile re-run of the series on the channel in 1984. The interviews were derailed by technical hiccups, an inexperienced crew and a subject who was notoriously hard to pin down, and indeed tried to take control of the production. Revisiting the original footage in 2017 for the show’s 50th anniversary, In My Mind is filled with previously unseen footage from these inteviews and provides a startling insight into the elusive McGoohan.

Chris talked to us about the making of In My Mind, and how the original interviews with McGoohan helped shape his career. He also discusses his love of The Prisoner, and its lasting impact on the television landscape. This is the first of a two-part interview. In the next installment, Chris joined us for our Twin Peaks podcast, Time of Cherry Pie and Coffee, to discuss the world of David Lynch and his recent return to Twin Peaks.

WARNING: this episode contains spoilers for the finale of The Prisoner.

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CHRIS RODLEY is an awardwinning documentary film maker with an extensive filmography covering art, film and music with subjects including Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Dirk Bogarde and Donald Cammell. He is also the author of the celebrated inteview collections Lynch on Lynch and Cronenberg on Cronenberg (Faber & Faber).

In My Mind trailer:

In My Mind (Network) is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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