Homebrew: Episode 4

Welcome to Time for Cakes and Ale’s ‘Homebrew’, our new podcast covering life under lockdown.

In this episode we chat with author Chris Beckett about writing at a time when reality is stranger than fiction. Chris is best known for his Clarke Award-winning Dark Eden trilogy. Chris has recently been posting a selection of short stories from throughout his career along the theme of ‘isolation’ to read for free on his website – the whole collection can be read  here.

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Episode 20 – An Interview with Chris Beckett

Award-winning science fiction author Chris Beckett joined us to talk about his work.

Chris is the author of six novels and dozens of short stories in a career spanning more than 25 years. His novel Dark Eden was the winner of the 2013 Clarke award, while his short fiction collection The Turing Test won the prestigious Edge Hill prize.

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Chris spoke to us about his inspiration, his writing process, and the ideas behind his new novel America City which is out on 2 November.

You can find our more about Chris and his work on his website here.

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