Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee – The Stars Turn and a Time Presents Itself

Welcome to Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee, a podcast all about Twin Peaks.

We have returned to the water and the well of Lynch/Frost’s surreal vision to discuss some of the themes and ideas that have resonated with us in the months since The Return hit our screens. Each episode will use the given title of each ‘part’ of season 3 as a jumping-off point, and this time, we’re talking The Stars Turn and a Time Presents Itself.

We’ll be discussing the nature of temporal, spatial and astral perspectives that influence the views of not only the characters in Twin Peaks, but our understanding as the viewer. Are we really sure of what we are seeing around us? We look up and see the stars turn, but is it in fact the world we are in that is spinning?

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Be seeing you… in the trees.

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