Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee – PART 8

It’s Part 8 of Twin Peaks The Return! Join us as we recap and discuss the latest episode, not only one of the most striking hours of Twin Peaks so far, but perhaps of modern television itself. We try to make sense of events that take us back to the origins of Killer BOB and the meeting place above the Convenience Store, interweaving Twin Peaks mythology from screen and page with the Manhattan Project, aliens and Kafka. We can’t promise any answers, only our accounts of what we saw.

NEXT TIME… Although Twin Peaks is taking a break next week, we’re not! We are teaming up with Lindsay and Aidan from Bickering Peaks for a special crossover episode: “Listening Post Alpha”. We’ll be talking about everything that has happened so far and where things might be going in the new season. We would love to have your questions and comments about anything you would like to discuss. Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below!

Contains spoilers for Parts 1-8, Seasons 1 & 2, The Secret History of Twin Peaks and FWWM.

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The Time for Cherry Pie And Coffee episodes will run concurrently with our regular Time for Cakes and Ale ones and are available via our main podcast feed. Find out more here.

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