Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee – PART 11

Part 11 of Twin Peaks: The Return seems to signal the end of Act 2 as people, places and plotstrands come into alignment featuring big developments in Buckhorn, Las Vegas and Twin Peaks. This wonderful hour combines so many different tones: suspense, melodrama, humour, absurdity and horror. Lynch and Frost have taken us to the site. We’re about the enter the Zone.

Contains big spoilers for Parts 1-11 and the Twin Peaks canon.

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The Time for Cherry Pie And Coffee episodes will run concurrently with our regular Time for Cakes and Ale ones and are available via our main podcast feed. Find out more here.

2 thoughts on “Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee – PART 11

  1. Such a fun podcast! Thanks so much, Becks and Eeson, for an epic 111 minutes ^_^ Looking forward to Ep 12, catching up with Cole & the Gang and the Fusco Friends..!

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