The Tally Ho talks to Robert Fairclough

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a new podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In this episode, recorded just before the 50th anniversary of the show, we talk to Robert Fairclough.

Direct download: The Tally Ho talks to Robert Fairclough

ROBERT FAIRCLOUGH is an expert on cult classic television shows with numerous writing, production and graphic design credits. He is the author of The Prisoner: The Official Companion to the TV Series (2002) and The Prisoner: The Complete Scripts Volumes 1 & 2 (2005). Find out more about Rob and his published works, including guidebooks to Callan, The Avengers and The Sweeney on his website and blog. He also contributes to We Are Cult.

To follow our podcast, there are several places to find The Tally Ho. Episodes will be available through our main stream – called Time for Cakes and Ale – from all the usual places. Updates will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Of course, our episodes will also be available for direct download on this website.

Be seeing you!

The Tally Ho episodes will run concurrently with our regular Time for Cakes and Ale ones and are available via our main podcast feed. Find out more here.


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