The Tally Ho talks to Nick Briggs and Iain Meadows from Big Finish Productions

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a new podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner. In this episode, we talk to Nicholas Briggs and Iain Meadows from Big Finish Productions about their Prisoner audiodramas.

Nick is showrunner and writer on the series and Iain is the sound designer. Both are huge Prisoner fans and talked to us about their thoughts on the original series and the challenges of adapting it for audio. Now in their second series, these audiodramas are well worth checking out if you are a fan of the show.

Direct download: The Tally Ho talks to Nick and Iain from Big Finish

NICHOLAS BRIGGS is an actor, writer, director and co-founder of Big Finish Productions, which is known for its acclaimed audio productions in the universes of Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, The Avengers and more recently, The Prisoner. He has led the team that has reimagined The Prisoner as an audiodrama series, currently in its second series. This outstanding collection includes new adaptations and riffs on episodes of the TV series, alongside original stories perfectly in keeping with The Prisoner mythology. Their collection of Prisoner audiodramas can be found here and include a host of great bonus materials when purchased direct from Big Finish. Find out more about Nick on his website. He’s also the voice of the Daleks on Doctor Who!

IAIN MEADOWS is a writer, broadcaster and sound designer who has worked on many audiodramas for Big Finish as well as with his own production company Spiteful Puppet, which has recently produced an award-winning Robin of Sherwood audiodrama, available here.

To follow our podcast, there are several places to find The Tally Ho. Episodes will be available through our main stream – called Time for Cakes and Ale – from all the usual places. Updates will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Of course, our episodes will also be available for direct download on this website.

Be seeing you!

The Tally Ho episodes will run concurrently with our regular Time for Cakes and Ale ones and are available via our main podcast feed. Find out more here.


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