The Tally Ho talks to Alex Cox

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a new podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In this episode, recorded the day before the 50th anniversary of the show, we talk to legendary film director Alex Cox about this landmark in television history.

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ALEX COX is the director of many feature films, including Sid & Nancy and Repo Man. A lifelong fan of The Prisoner, Alex has written a new book about the show, I Am (Not) A Number: Decoding The Prisoner. We spoke to Alex about the cultural importance of The Prisoner, its continued social relevance, and the way his new book seeks to unravel the secrets of the series.

I Am (Not) A Number: Decoding The Prisoner is out now as an ebook, with the paperback due to be published on 7 December from Kamera Books.

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