The Tally Ho talks Titan’s ‘The Prisoner: Original Art Edition’ with David Leach

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In this special episode we look at the new deluxe hardcover The Prisoner: Original Art Edition based on The Prisoner from Titan Comics. We chat to editor David Leach about how this project came together and what fans can expect from this long-awaited release. He also gives us a sneak peek of Titan’s future plans for The Prisoner.

This new collection features two alternate versions of ‘Arrival’, the first episode of The Prisoner, both previously unreleased, and now presented in full-scale facsimile format. The first adaptation is written and drawn by the legendary Jack Kirby, the second is written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Gil Kane.

Although the main draw is the beautiful presentation of these works, the extra features are a genuine delight that elevate this book to essential status for comic book and/or The Prisoner fans:

  1. A Foreword by Mike Royer, inker/letterer in the Kirby version
  2. A double-page Kirby spread, newly coloured by Mike Allred
  3. Writing The Prisoner, an all-new essay by writer Steve Englehart
  4. A newly lettered version (by Rick Parker) of the Englehart/Kane edition, with the accompanying script transcriptions
  5. A reproduction of the original 1967 The Prisoner ITC Press Book
  6. The Making of a Television Legend: The Story of The Prisoner by Rick Davy from The Unmutual Website
  7. Biographies of Jack Kirby and Gil Kane

Direct download: The Tally Ho talks Titan’s ‘The Prisoner: Original Art Edition’ with David Leach

The Prisoner: Original Art Edition is available from all good comic book shops and through numerous online comics retailers, including Titan Comics. A huge thanks to David for joining us to discuss this new book! Titan Comics have also recently started an all-new miniseries based on The Prisoner. Check out our podcast HERE from earlier in the year when we interviewed writer Peter Milligan and editor David Leach, and our blog Q&A with artist Colin Lorimer.

You can also find out more about Jack Kirby’s life and career at the Kirby Museum.

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