The Tally Ho: Our new podcast about The Prisoner

THE PRISONER, one of our favourite shows of all time is turning 50 on Friday 29th Septmber 2017! To celebrate this, we’ve been putting together a series of podcast episodes that will begin this week: Welcome to The Tally Ho podcast from Time for Cakes and Ale!

The Tally Ho will feature interviews with people from all corners of the world of The Prisoner, including authors who have written about the show, fans, and creators of Prisoner-related works. We talk about what makes the show so special and what has inspired them to contribute to its enduring legacy.

In the new year we will be following this up with an in-depth 17-part episode-by-episode podcast featuring some very special guests to dissect each story from the original run.

To follow our podcast, there are several places to find ‘Time for Cakes and Ale’. Episodes will be available through our main stream from all the usual places. Updates will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Of course, our episodes will also be available for direct download on this website.

If you subscribe to our podcast you will get access to all of our episodes and can choose to listen to specific ones or all of them. This will include The Tally Ho (about The Prisoner),  Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee (about Twin Peaks) and our original Time for Cakes and Ale episodes, covering our musings on whatever else takes our fancy.

All of our podcasts are completely free, and we love to hear from our listeners, so do get in touch to let us know what you think!

To keep up to date follow us on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the podcast here.

Be seeing you!

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