The Tally Ho – Episode 6: The General

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a new podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In this episode we look at The General, the sixth episode of The Prisoner. Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) witnesses his fellow villagers fall under the influence of a revolutionary new teaching method known as Speedlearn, which has been masterminded by a character known only as The General. A mysterious Professor and a dissident within the ranks of the Village heirarchy lead Number 6 to uncover the secrets behind this apparently flawless educational tool.

Join us as we discuss this prescient tale of public manipulation and the propaganda machine. And we ask the most important question: what did happen in 1878? We are also joined once again by Alex Cox who gives us his thoughts on the episode.

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ALEX COX is the director of many feature films, including Sid & Nancy and Repo Man. A lifelong fan of The Prisoner, Alex has written a new book about the show, I Am (Not) A Number: Decoding The Prisoner. We spoke to Alex about how The General fits in with the chronology of The Prisoner and how its themes concerning education, free will and mass communication still resonate today. I Am (Not) A Number: Decoding The Prisoner is out now as an ebook and paperback from Kamera Books.

We also get a news round-up from Rick Davy of The Unmutual on what’s happening in the world of The Prisoner. More details about the Patrick McGoohan celebration event at Elstree, mentioned by Rick, and organised by The Unmutual Website and Quoit Media can can found here.

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