The Tally Ho – Episode 10: Hammer Into Anvil

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

In this episode we look at Hammer Into Anvil, the tenth episode of The Prisoner. Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) promises to bring down the sadistic new Number 2 (Patrick Cargill) after the tragic suicide of a young woman. To do so he must work his way through the layers that protect Number 2, including his enforcer Number 14 (Basil Hoskins).

Join us as we discuss this surprising episode where the mechanisms of The Village are made to work against the very person who believes they are in control. We also take detours into Don Quixote, Hamlet, and how to care for your hydrangeas, while Number 6 and Number 14 take their own detour with a quick bout of Kosho. And stay tuned for the news from the world of The Prisoner from Rick Davy of The Unmutual.

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