Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee talks to Chris Rodley

It has been a while, but once again, it’s time for cherry pie and coffee, as our Twin Peaks podcast returns! In the second part of our chat with documentary filmmaker and writer Chris Rodley, we turn to the world of legendary¬†artist and filmmaker David Lynch. Chris’ Lynch on Lynch , an extensive collection of interviews with director, remains the most insightful text on David Lynch. Chris talked to us about the book, his interest in Lynch’s body of work and of course, the director’s recent return to Twin Peaks.

This is the second of a two-part interview. In the first installment, found here, Chris joined us for our The Prisoner podcast, The Tally Ho, to discuss his recent documentary In My Mind about Patrick McGoohan and The Prisoner. The episodes have significant thematic overlap, so please check out both parts of the  interview.

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CHRIS RODLEY is an awardwinning documentary film maker with an extensive filmography covering art, film and music with subjects including Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Dirk Bogarde and Donald Cammell. He is also the author of the celebrated interview collections Lynch on Lynch and Cronenberg on Cronenberg (Faber & Faber).

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Episode 17 – You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman!

Taking a break from all that cherry pie & coffee. It’s time for some cakes and ale… and ice cream! Wonder Woman has just opened and it is a magnificent movie. Join us as we review the film and talk about how it might be just the course-correction the DC movie universe needs.

We’d also like to tell Patty Jenkins that much like the ice cream vendor at King’s Cross, she should be very proud! Contains mild spoilers.

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Episode 16 – Guardians of the Galaxy, the universe and everything!

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we invited film buff Dave Riley on to chat about the movie. Several cakes, and ales later, we had rambled on about the Marvel Universe, The Dark Tower trailer (Dave is a huuuge fan!), what comics should be adapted on screen, what old properties could be refreshed, and an unnecessary amount about Tango & Cash. We’ve edited our musings into this beast of an episode. Also features a guest background appearance from the pizza delivery guy and a special message for some bloke called Ian at the end.

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Episode 13 – John Constantine on screen

John Constantine has been around for a long time. Beginning as a supporting character in Alan Moore’s run in DC’s Swamp Thing, he later became the star of his own series, Hellblazer from Vertigo. After 300 issues, he joined the current DC continuity in four different series. However, despite his popularity on the page, he hasn’t had the best of luck on screen. With the release of Justice League Dark as part of the DC animated universe, we look back on his screen portrayals on film and TV. Keanu Reeves had one go in the 2005 film “Constantine” and Matt Ryan has had three attempts (with more to come?) in the 2015 TV series “Constantine”, as part of the CW DC TV universe in “Arrow”, and most recently in JLD. All these appearances and still no Funko Pop.

At the top of the episode, we also review a fantastic genre movie double bill, Kong Skull Island and Logan.

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Episode 5 – we’ve gone Rogue

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is out! Join us for spoiler-filled musings on the newest entry in the Star Wars series. Although we shouldn’t be advocating not listening to our podcast after only a few episodes, don’t listen until you’ve seen the movie.

Plus some thoughts on the new trailers for the Power Rangers movie, Twin Peaks and Blade Runner 2049, the latter revealing the confusion in picking out Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans in a line-up.

Direct download: Episode 5