Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee!

Twin Peaks is returning! We’ve been getting fired up about it for a while (it featured heavily in Episode 3) and we thought about how we could incorporate the show into our regular Time for Cakes and Ale episodes over the coming months. We couldn’t really make it work without Twin Peaks taking over the podcast… so instead we have decided to start a sister stream of episodes: Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee.

As huge long-term fans (we rewatch it once a year) we have been anticipating its comeback since the original announcment in late 2014. Suddenly here we are in 2017 and season 3 (Twin Peaks: The Return) is just 8 days away. 8 days!!! We can hardly contain our excitement.

We had to do something special where we could talk in depth about the show, discuss theories, and hopefully engage other Twin Peaks fans around the world. It’s a show we love to talk about and we have 18 hours of new episodes coming up. If it were a pie, we’d plan on writing an epic poem about it. We’ll be watching the simulcasts in the UK (2am here!) and will aim to get a new podcast up on a Tuesday night after the regular UK broadcast rewatch (spoilers…). Join us as we embark on our journey to a place both wonderful and strange…

To follow our podcast, consider ‘Time for Cakes and Ale’ (our regular episodes) and ‘Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee’ (our Twin Peaks episodes) “one and the same”. Episodes will be available through our main stream from all the usual places. Updates will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We’ll also be running Twitter polls (using the hashtag #PollFromCole) where we’ll have fun trying to speculate on all aspects of Twin Peaksiness.

There are also a number of wonderful Twin Peaks fancasts out there already. There’s almost enough new fan material to fill your schedule from week to week (or should that be peak to peak?). We’ve been listening to/watching them for a while and so be sure to check them out!

Twin Peaks Unwrapped @TwinPeaksUnwrap
Diane @DianePodcast
Bickering Peaks @BickeringPeaks
Deer Meadow Radio @DeerMeadowRadio
The Vlog Lady @thevloglady

Our regular Time for Cakes and Ale episodes will continue as normal, so you can also look forward to more genre musings on whatever else takes our fancy.

We’ll see you in the trees…

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