Geeky Crochet – Twin Peaks style

Last year I took up crochet. I’d never done it before, and the last time I knitted anything Twin Peaks didn’t even exist. But when I optimistically bought some wool and hooks and a beginner’s guide to the basics, I had one particular project in mind – a slice of damn fine cherry pie.

Did not go well…

To put it mildly, it looked like it had been made by a monster, and then sat on by that same monster. But it was a start.



All the YouTube videos I watched on how to do various stitches weren’t really helping me. So the next step was some actual classes, which were run locally by Hamera Tahir who has a lovely Etsy shop for her work.

After a few lessons, I tried again…

What a difference some classes make!

And what better to accompany it than a cup of joe from The RR Diner, as black as midnight on a moonless night?

The yarn used to make the coffee is actually very dark brown rather than black, as this combination looked better.

And finally, while the owls in the woods around Twin Peaks may not be what they seem, this little fella turned out to be cute even when I gave him red buttons for eyes.

If you’d like to attempt any of these designs, the patterns that I based them on can be found in the following places. Note that the patterns all use US crochet terms whereas I use UK terms, so be sure to convert in whichever direction you need!

Cherry Pie by Pseudoscorpion. This can be adapted for any pie filling you like. The pattern suggests making the top pastry separately to the bottom and back pastry, and then stitching them together, but I made the whole pastry in a single piece by having a line of DC coming off one side of the stitching below the decorative crust. The yarn I used for the pastry was 50/50 Cotton/Acrylic ‘Cotton on Demin’ double knit from The Sheep Shop in Cambridge. This was perfect as there is almost no fuzziness to the yarn, giving it a neat finish, and the colour changes give a ‘baked’ effect.

Coffee Cup by Hannah. The only change I made to this pattern was to leave out the swirl of cream in the coffee, because we all know that’s not how you drink it in the FBI.

Owl by Lee Mei Li. This looks so adorable in its original form! I changed the colours to something a little more muted and altered its expression, but otherwise the pattern is unchanged. The yarn I used was a 100% soft wool double knit from No 3 Royston which has a wonderful selection.

I’d love to see pictures of other Twin Peaks crochet so please send me your links! Maybe something from the new season will provide inspiration for the next project. Until then, return to your porch rockers and resume crochet!



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