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3 thoughts on “The Time for Cakes and Ale team

  1. Wonderful analysis of Once Upon a Time, thank you for your time and trouble. I just noticed one thing that you might have missed and I’d be interested in your thoughts on this:

    In the fencing scene, when No.6 strikes at No.2 and then says ‘he’s sorry’, I don’t think he was apologising for the wound he had just inflicted, I think the statement was much deeper. I think it all comes from when he admits to No.2 that he resigned for peace of mind. Deep down No.6 regrets the actions he has undertaken in his career, a point reinforced by No.2 in the same fencing scene when he states “You’re sorry for everyone”

    1. That’s a wonderful catch! It definitely makes sense in light of the “peace of mind” comment later on. There are some potentially very revealing aspects about 6’s former life and his resignation peppered throughout the episode. Thanks for listening and getting in touch! Stay tuned – we’ll soon be opening our request for listeners to comment on “Fall Out”!

  2. I remember when I first saw Fall Out in the 1980’s I felt totally satisfied the series ended in the right way – the only way it could. My only disappointment being it didn’t start a revolution in television – just like No.6 shouting to be heard – sometimes it doesn’t matter how powerful the message if the audience are already programmed to keep their ears firmly covered.

    The individual was at the heart of the episode, how society deals with such people, whatever their age or position and that absolute freedom can never truly be achieved living in this world.

    So what it did teach me? You can have freedom to a certain degree but unless you completely detach yourself from society then your freedom is to a large extent an illusion.

    Live in the dream of freedom, but just don’t wake up, you may be shocked as to how shackled you really are.

    Be seeing you!

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