Cakes & Ale Episode 29: Interviews from Eastercon 2019

We’ve just returned from Ytterbium, a.k.a Eastercon 70, the annual UK science fiction convention. During the convention we had the great pleasure of chatting to a wonderful range of con-goers to create a snapshot of the kind of conversations you’d hear down at the bar, from writers to publishers, fans, reviewers, academics and con-runners. We wanted to catch the atmosphere of a con and we certainly captured the background sounds of one! We had tremendous fun putting this episode together and we hope to bring you another one of these bumper convention episodes from Worldcon 2019 in Dublin. Enjoy the episode!

Direct download: Episode 29: Interviews at Eastercon 2019

Below is a list of our guests with links for where to find out more about them and their work.

Juliet Kemp: Twitter / Website

Ali Baker: Twitter / Website

Dave L Clements: Twitter / Website

Emma Newman: Twitter / Website

Daniel Bensen: Twitter / Website

F. D. Lee: Twitter / Website

Claire Rousseau: Twitter / Radio Free Fandom Podcast / YouTube 

Noel Chidwick (Shoreline of Infinity): Twitter / Website

Emil Minchev: Author page

E.M. Faulds: Twitter / Speculative Spaces podcast / Website

Ruth E. J. Booth: Twitter / Website

Ian Whates (NewCon Press): Twitter / Website

A previous episode that may be of interest is our 2017 Small Press Day special – featuring Shoreline of Infinity, Mayamada and NewCon Press – which you can listen to here.

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The Tally Ho talks The Prisoner ‘Shattered Visage’ with Dean Motter

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner.

Following on from our recent episode about the re-release of The Prisoner: Shattered Visage, we had the great pleasure of interviewing the writer and artist behind the book, legendary comics creator Dean Motter.

Dean Motter has worked as an illustrator, designer, editor, art director and writer for over 40 years. His hugely influential original comics series Mister X began in 1983 and combined hard-boiled noir storytelling with the aesthetics of early 20th century futurism, by way of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the Bauhaus movement.

Dean continued to develop this retro-future-noir style in the highly acclaimed Terminal City and Electropolis, before returning to Mister X with a brand new series from Dark Horse.

Shattered Visage was originally published by DC as a 4 issue miniseries in 1988-1989 (twenty years after the original TV show airing, and set contemporaneously), the series was written by Dean Motter and Mark Askwith, and drawn by Dean Motter, with colour art by David Hornung and Richmond Lewis.

Dean talked to us about how he put together the project and the influences on Shattered Visage as well as his other major works. A huge thanks to Dean for joining us to discuss Shattered Visage, The Prisoner and his career.

Direct download: The Tally Ho: The Prisoner – Shattered Visage w/ Dean Motter

Shattered Visage is available from all good comic book shops and through numerous online comics retailers, including Titan Comics.

Titan Comics have also recently released an all-new miniseries based on The Prisoner, and released a deluxe collection of Jack Kirby’s and Gil Kane’s earlier adaptation of the concept in  The Prisoner: Original Art Edition. Check out our podcast coverage of these at the links below:

The Tally Ho talks Titan’s ‘The Prisoner’ comic with David Leach and Peter Milligan, plus Q&A with Colin Lorimer

The Tally Ho talks Titan’s ‘The Prisoner: Original Art Edition’ with David Leach

The Prisoner ‘Shattered Visage’ with David Leach

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You can find all of our 2018/2019 Tally Ho episodes, beginning with Arrival, right here! The page is updated with each new edition of the podcast. Our 2017 Tally Ho episodes on the 50th Anniversary of the UK airing can be found here!

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Cakes & Ale Episode 28: Book Club – Paris Adrift by E. J. Swift

Welcome to the the Cakes & Ale Book Club! Every month we will be bringing you a mix of discussions and interviews about recent genre fiction we’ve been reading. This month, we cover Paris Adrift by E. J. Swift, published by Solaris Books.

Paris Adrift is the story of Hallie, a student who runs away from her life in England to seek escape and adventure in Paris. Taking a job on the night shift at Millie’s, a rowdy bar staffed by misfits and drifters, she begins to find a new family. But there is something strange in the keg room: a presence that draws Hallie in, an anomaly in time, waiting to send her spinning into the Paris of the past, and of the future. And as Hallie comes to terms with this new reality, other forces are in play around her – seeking to influence the fate of the whole world.

Direct download: Episode 28 Book Club: Paris Adrift by E.J.Swift

We give you our thoughts on the novel and bring you an interview with E.J. Swift who tells us about writing Paris Adrift and her upcoming projects. E.J. Swift is the author of many novels and short stories including the Osiris Trilogy. You can find out more about her work on her website and follow her on Twitter.

Stay tuned to the end to hear what our next book club choice will be!

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